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5 Senior Living Common Fears

An elderly couple hugging and smiling for the camera

You’ve decided to move your parent to independent or assisted living. However, you have some concerns and fears. It’s perfectly normal for you and your parent to feel a range of emotions during this transition. Use these tips to focus on how you can support your loved one and overcome your senior living common fears.

Especially if you’ve been your parent’s primary caregiver, it can be hard to trust others with his/her care. You might start by talking with his/her doctor about the types of care needed. Then, you can visit communities that fit those requirements. Many find it helpful to bring a list of questions to each visit. Ask each community about medications, meals, assistance with daily tasks, safety, and any other special concerns.

Money will be a concern.

Money is a common worry. Because every person had different needs, it can be hard to navigate finances. Fortunately, you have many choices. Even more, by researching your options early, you’ll be able to take the time needed to make the right decision – before an emergency.

If your parent has a life insurance policy, you may be able to convert part of it to cover costs. Also, factor in potential benefits from long-term care insurance. Include the sale of your parent’s home in your totals. Check out our helpful Cost of Living Comparison Worksheet.

He/She will miss the old life.

With any move, there will be a time of adjustment. However, as dad or mom makes new friends and connections, it’s likely he/she will enjoy his/her new home. In fact, surveys of independent living community residents show that the vast majority – 90 percent – are very happy in their homes. When your parent gets the care needed, he/she will feel safer, feel supported, and is less likely to feel isolated. If you’re still worried, talk with other families who have made the move or speak with staff at the community for reassurance.

Dad/Mom won’t be as active.

Some adult children have the misconception that senior living takes away a loved one’s independence. Will dad or mom still be able to run errands or see friends? Will he/she have the chance to keep connected to his/her favorite activities? Once you get to know the many amenities of the new community, it’s likely you’ll discover he/she has even more chances to stay active than before.

Too often staying in the family home actually limits activity. Many seniors eventually have mobility issues or feel isolated. By moving to a senior living community, your parent will not only have access to the care needed but also find numerous chances to stay engaged.

The move will cause me to feel guilty.

Be careful to not let guilt get in the way of a successful move. One of the best ways to reduce feelings of guilt is to make a decision based on good research. You’ll feel more confident in your choice when you know it truly is the best for mom or dad. If you’re still having guilt, find someone to talk to about your feelings.

Need help with the transition to a senior living community? Learn more about our community and how we support you through each step.

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