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Staging Do’s and Don’ts: Are You Making These 10 Common Staging Mistakes?

A living room with tall windows, a fire place, and couches and chairs staged to sell a home

Selling your home and moving into a senior living community is a significant milestone in life. It opens the door to an exciting future free from the burdens of homeownership. But before moving on to the next chapter in life, you want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered with the sale of your home. The value of your home may be your largest financial asset, and you want to maximize the return on your investment.

When you’re preparing to sell, it pays to invest some time and energy into sprucing up your home. Setting the stage to impress potential buyers can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price. Paying attention to the details, such as having clear countertops, orderly closets and spotless bathrooms, is important. You want buyers to see the potential in your home instead of the flaws. Here’s what you need to know about staging your home to sell.

Who Can Help with Home Staging?

Staging your home is something you can do on your own or with a little help and input from others. If you’re working with a real estate agent, they should offer tips to successfully stage your home. You can also enlist the services of professional home staging experts for a fee. This option can be especially helpful if you’ve already moved and your house is empty. A staging expert will bring in just enough furnishings to give buyers an idea of what each room could be used for and how furniture might be laid out.

Putting together a team to help you stage your home can lighten the load and ultimately achieve the results you want. With some thoughtful planning and the objectivity of a few trusted friends or family members, you can successfully stage your home to make it more appealing to sellers.

Avoid These 10 Common Staging Mistakes

Whether you’re staging your home on your own or with help from an expert, you’ll want to avoid some common staging mistakes that can discourage potential buyers. Here are 10 mistakes to watch out for:

1. Your home decor is too personal. Don’t display family photos, awards, kids’ artwork, and other personal items. Instead, choose art and decor that blends in.

2. You overdo the doodads and trinkets. Put away knickknacks and keep shelves as clear as possible. Create visual space by opting for just a few well-placed decorative items and a vase of fresh flowers.

3. You forget the minor fixes. There’s no need for full renovations when staging your home. But carpet cleaning and a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout your home does wonders. Be sure to replace burned out lightbulbs and fix leaky faucets or make other minor repairs.

4. Your furniture is too crowded. Rooms look and feel smaller when they’re full of large pieces of furniture. Consider removing old and oversized furniture and replacing them with a few stylish and functional pieces of furniture.

5. Your home’s curb appeal is subpar. Buyers will form an opinion of your home based on how it looks from the street, so it pays to spruce up the landscaping and make sure the lawn looks great. Adding a few potted plants and a welcome mat at the door can make your entry more inviting.

6. You overdress your windows. Heavy designer drapes may not appeal to every buyer. Lighten up with ready-made drapes that simply frame the window, and be sure to leave them open to let in as much light as possible.

7. Your home needs a deep clean. Going above and beyond to make your home really sparkle can elevate the appearance of your home to potential buyers. Consider hiring a cleaning crew to perform a deep clean from the floorboards to the cabinets, carpets, etc.

8. Your closets are filled with stuff. It’s no surprise that you store things in your closets, but keep in mind that potential buyers will look everywhere. Consider removing items from cramped closets and cupboards so your storage areas appear more spacious.

9. You need to neutralize odors. When someone new walks into your home, they may be turned off by any noticeable odors, whether from pets, a musty basement or a bunch of old sneakers. Neutralize odors and have your carpets and rugs cleaned to freshen up your home. 

10. You have pet gear in your home. It’s OK to have pets, of course. But, if possible, when you have to be away during a showing, take them with you. If you can’t, confine them to one room with the door closed or fence up, and leave a note to let the real estate agent know. Put away food bowls, beds and cages for the showing.

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